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clinical SERVICES


behavioral support

Shoreline uses the Encouragement Model.  Adolescents are encouraged to accept responsibility for their behaviors.  Staff receives intensive training in behavioral support techniques.

Addiction recovery

Shoreline recognizes that substance use disorders are diseases.  Our addiction recovery techniques are based on the guiding principles of the 12-steps of AA & NA.  Individual treatment plans are developed for each client based on their needs.

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Shoreline routinely treats adolescents who have co-occurring mental and substance use disorders.  Each client will meet with a psychiatrist and receive a psychiatric evaluation to determine if there are any co-occurring mental disorders that have not been previously diagnosed.

Pregnant Teen Program

Shoreline accepts pregnant adolescents with substance use and behavioral disorders.  Shoreline is equipped with around-the-clock nursing services, as well as 24-hour on-call physician coverage.

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Clinical & Educational Services

Shoreline provides on-site TEA-accredited academic education by certified teachers at Shoreline Academy.  Shoreline Academy students tend to excel on state-required performance tests and have a high graduation rate for long-term placements

Counseling sessions and clinical focus groups are facilitated by qualified, competent, credentialed counselors.  Shoreline’s programs are culturally sensitive.  Bilingual services are also available.

Continual Staff Training

Shoreline is an accredited and approved social work and TCBAP continuing education provider and training site for counselors.

Staff is available to outside facilities for guest lecturing on various subjects such as: substance abuse, prevention education, mental health, and drug-specific training.


referrals & consultation

Shoreline has trained assessment and intake specialists that will consult with families and schedule convenient admission appointments.  Staff is available to meet clients at the airport and assist in transportation to and from the facility.  Referrals are accepted from social service agencies, businesses, families, local courts placement agencies, medical professionals, and prospective clients.

cost effective care

Shoreline is committed to providing quality affordable treatment.  Shoreline works closely with insurance companies, managed care groups, physicians, state agencies, and individuals to provide treatment at affordable rates.  Additionally, Shoreline offers a sliding fee scale to those who qualify.


Wellness Policy

Shoreline is committed to providing residential environments that promote and protect children’s health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity.  To learn more about our wellness policy, please view the file below.  You may also call our facility at 361-528-3356 or email Deborah Jenkins for more information.


visitation Policy

Shoreline encourages family members to visit clients throughout their stay.  Visitation can be vital to the recovery process, but in some cases, visitation can hinder the client's recovery.  This is why Shoreline has a strict visitation policy.  Please view the following document prior to visiting a client at our facility.  If you have any questions or concerns about our visitation policy, please contact Deborah Jenkins at 361-528-3356.

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